7 Card Stud Poker

7 Card Stud Poker

Seven Card Studs is a follow-up to the poker version of Five Card Studs, and is well known poker variant along with Omaha and Texas Holdem.


Just like the other poker variants, the Seven Card Stud is played on a 52-card French play card Deck, with up to nine players allowed to take part in one game. Each player can receive up to seven cards. Also characteristic of the poker, most of the entries are limited. Usually played with the following settings: The minimum setting (Ate) is calculated as 5 euros. A minimum of twice the setting (i.e., 10 euros) must be set to increase. In addition, a minimum of 20 euros must be set for the reload. The use of these terms is defined as the lower and upper bounds in the terminology.

Game in progress

At the start of the competition, each competitor receives two hidden cards and one open card. The player with the lowest open card starts with a forced bet, ie a minimum bet. The bet should then be set between the minimum “Ate” and the bottom “Split Limit”. If several players have cards of the same height, determine the color of each card. The order is the same as the bridge. The lowest colored cross, and the caro, the heart, and the spades. Like other poker, the minimum use can be shared, increased, or increased. You can play three games per game.

At the start of the second round of the game, each player is given two additional cards that all players can see. Since this point, each player can be the first to have the highest open card combination. In general, the current lower limit can make bets moving between the minimum Einsatz and the so-called “hyper limit” unless the competitor has an open pair.

Each competitor receives an additional card that is visible to all competitors in each of the third and fourth rounds. Einsatz is now limited.

The last player in the final round of the showdown must be the first to present his card. The best combination of five of the seven cards wins the game. The two cards on the side do not affect the results.

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